Contact Me

If you’re a producer who could use the services of a scriptwriter, then I hope you find something to interest you on these pages.

Throughout my career I’ve been just as comfortable writing to a producer’s specifications as I am writing my own original material, which means that I’m happy to accept commissions to write or develop programmes that are someone else’s ideas. I’m always willing to offer creative input, but I don’t take the huff if any of my ideas are rejected; I’m a professional and a team player, and most of the producers who work with me come back for more.

Producers tend to commission me in four main areas:

* Writing material, V/O, links, etc. for factual programmes
* Providing question material, links, contestant intros, etc. for game shows and LE and/or acting as script editor
* Writing pre-school programmes
* Writing programmes for older children

Click on the links for full details of what I have to offer in all those areas or, for quick reference, click here for a comprehensive list of my writing credits.